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The largest country in both South America and Latin America, Brazil covers 8.5 million square kilometres and is home to over 208 million people. This makes Brazil the world's fifth largest country by area and the sixth most populous. It is multicultural and ethnically diverse and a perfect destination for international students. There is something for everyone in Brazil!

Cost of Studying and Living in Brazil

Brazil uses the Real (R$ or BRL) as its currency.

Study Expenses

If you are looking to study a publicly funded degree, you will not have to pay any tuition fees. This is because the Brazilian Federal Constitution has guaranteed the right to free public education for all students. You will likely still have to pay a registration fee.

If you choose to study at a private university, you will have to pay a tuition fee. The amount is set by the individual institution, and will therefore differ depending on your choice. On average, tuition at a private institution can cost between R$7000 and R$43,000 per year.

International students can access financial aid that will help with costs of meals, books, accommodation and transport. This is available through each institution. There is also a chance that your home country will be able to offer some sort of financial help in the form of a grant or scholarship.

Living Expenses

Unlike other countries, most institutions in Brazil do not offer student accommodation. This means that students have to find private accommodation. It might be helpful to contact your university of choice, as they can help students to find somewhere suitable to stay. Homestay is another great option for international students. This is where a student stays with a host family – a great way to integrate into the local culture!

Renting a private apartment in Brazil can cost between R$1000 and R$2,056 per month. A cheaper restaurant can cost from R$18, a cinema ticket will cost from R$21. in general, Brazil is one of the expensive Brazilian cities. It is important that you factor this into your plans and make sure Brazil would be a practical choice for you.

Study and Work in Brazil

Since the end of 2016, students are able to work alongside studying. This opens up lots of opportunities for international students to finance their studies and enjoy exploring their new home city in their free-time. This new form of working visa will also allow students to stay in Brazil after their studies if they get an offer of employment their stay. However, the conversion of the visa from study to work does take some time, so make sure you plan well.

Brazilian Student Visas

Students will need a visa to study at a Brazilian institution. This is usually a temporary residence visa, which allows for one year’s study. This can then be extended to suit your study needs. The visa application process can take up to 3 months, so make sure you get it sorted in time!

In order to apply for a visa, you generally need to provide:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • A letter of confirmation from your MEC approved institute
  • Two passport sized photos
  • Medical records
  • Two printed and signed application forms
  • Evidence of no criminal record, original and duplicate

Within 30 days of your arrival, you need to register with the Federal Police. This will allow you to acquire a foreigners ID card. If you need to extend/renew your visa, you need to submit your application at least 30 days before it expires.