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Target Consultancy is a Unit of TCON Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. The Company specializes in the preparation, lodgment and management of all types of Visa Applications and Appeals to the Migration Review Tribunal. Areas of Expertise are :
  • Overseas Education – Study Visas for Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand
  • Temporary & Permanent Residency
  • Family Stream Immigration
  • Retirees
  • Business & Skilled Visas for the most favoured destinations.

Since its inception, the firm has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the professional development of its personnel, resources and facilities. We have also been maintaining an up to date library of the relevant documents covering the Act & Regulations, media releases and fact sheets pertaining to the time-to-time
changes in the Immigration Laws & Policies.


Satwant Singh Bedi

The Pillar strength existence of the organization is the result of the foresighted vision of our honorable Managing Director – Mr. Hardeep Singh Bedi, who completely restructured the functioning of Target Consultancy in terms of services and the field of specialization. Born & brought up in India, Mr. Bedi went to Australia for his higher studies in 1992. He studied his Bachelors of Business Administration at Deakin University, Melbourne and later pursued MBA in Marketing & Finance at Griffith University, Brisbane. His father, Lt. Col. Satwant Singh Bedi (Ex – Chairman) initially founded the Company in 1993. After returning from Australia in 1999, Mr. Bedi by virtue of his extensive experience of 7 years of thorough studies and “hands-on” training in the field of marketing, reformed the entire organization of the Consultancy. Starting with Overseas Education (Student Immigration) in the initial years, Target Consultancy gradually expanded the periphery of its operation & services into immigration also.

Hardeep Singh Bedi
(Managing Director)


From the very day of its foundation in 1993, it has been the Company’s policy to “cover the field” in Immigration Services, which gives our Company an added advantage of flexibility and versatility. Accuracy and selectivity have been the cornerstones of Target Consultancy. Areas of our services

  • Student Visas
  • Temporary & Permanent Residency
  • Business Immigration
  • Children/Dependant Visa
  • Aged Dependant Relatives
  • Interdependent Partners
  • Visitor Visas
  • Bridging Visas
  • Family immigration
  • Skilled Immigration
  • Citizenship

E- Logdement Access Facility Holders “Approved by the Australian High Commission & DIMIA” The Company has also been granted the E - Lodgement Access Facility by the Australian High Commission & DIMIA The major benefit of this authority is that the processing of the case takes very less time than usually taken. More importantly, it is for sure an achievement for our organization as only 55 Education Agents have access to E-Visa facility all over India. Being one of them is, of course, an achievement worth appreciation.



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